Basic elements of interior design for a beautiful home

Meta: When it comes to interior design, there are some key elements that you need to consider. A good interior design idea is a combination of these elements to make a beautiful home according to your style.

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The beauty of a house is created by balancing different elements effectively. That is what we call a good interior design. Just like when you want to cook a delicious meal, you need to put some ingredients that make a good harmony in the dish. Interior design works the same way. In this article, we will provide the basic design elements that can be combined to create your favourite styles. 

#1: Space

There is no doubt to say space is the heart of every interior design. Two main types of space include 2-D space and 3-D space. The first one accounts for the length and width of a space, and the other covers height. With that being said, before putting a carpet in the house,you need to consider 2-D space. But 3-D space is an important factor if you want to add new furniture like a couch or a table. Also, make sure to leave the room some “empty space”.

Space is the heart of interior design

#2: Color

When choosing the color for a house, it is not about whether you like the color or not. The color you choose will influence the feeling of the home and affect your mood. For example, many people choose to decorate their house in red color because it offers a “passionate” or “intense” feeling. Others choose yellow because they want to feel happy and optimistic while blue is chosen by someone who loves the “tranquil” or “soothing” feeling. Again, interior design is not just about the visual preferences. It includes the energy or attitude that it offers when you walk into the space. 

#3: Shape

Shape or form expresses the contours of any artwork and furniture. There are two main forms of shape. The first one is an organic shape which is natural with curvy shapes. The other is a geometric shape which is sharp with man-made lines such as squares or zigzag. It can be applied for furniture, sculpture, and even room designs.

#4: Line

Line also plays an important role in interior design. For example, before putting any object in the room, you need to draw an outline first. According to interior design experts, there are three main options when it comes to line. Firstly, vertical lines mean up and down that are expressive and bold. Secondly, horizontal lines mean side-to-side that create a feeling of security and dynamic lines means zig-zags or curlicues that can add some fun and excitement to the space.

#5: Pattern

A pattern can be a combination of forms, lines, or other elements. You see patterns more on wallpaper or fabrics, it can be applied to anywhere in the home because it can add life and motion to a space. However, using too many clashing patterns is not recommended because it brings a chaotic look. Good choice of pattern is a light one.

#6: Light

Light can be natural or man-made

To take a good photo, you need a good lighting system. Similarly, a good interior design needs to take advantage of the power that lighting has to offer. Noone wants to feel moody when walking into a dark space. Therefore, any space needs to have good quality lighting. It doesn’t matter if the light is natural or man-made or both, it just needs to make the space look bright.

In addition, light used for cooking is different to light used for reading. That’s why it is important to choose lighting for your space, as you need to choose the color of the light, the intensity, and to make a decision whether it should be dimmable.

#7: Texture

Many people get confused between pattern and texture. But remember, while pattern is more about the look of an object, texture is about the feeling. That means the sense or the feels the object offers when you observe or touch it. For example, when you look at a surface, you can say that it looks “vintage”. That’s the success and a creative use of texture.

Some parts of the house such as the floor require careful consideration when choosing texture. As you contact the floor frequently, you need it to bring a good feeling. That means you need to choose a comfortable texture to have that comfort every day.

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